About Us

Where Buyers And Sellers Connect


CLP Trading and Consulting exists to facilitate seamless trade in the SADC agricultural and commodity markets. Our organization is the nexus point between buyers and sellers from across the globe, providing a comprehensive suite of services that simplifies trade and fosters prosperous relationships.


Established out of the necessity for trustworthy, proficient and transparent dealings in the commodities sector, we have upheld a signature blend of integrity, dedication, and industry knowledge. At CLP Trading and Consulting, our specialists employ sleuthing tactics to comprehend emerging market trends, ensuring we position our partners at the forefront of profitable opportunities.


Our mission is to reduce complexities in SADC trade and to create lasting value for our partners. We aim to streamline the trading process by providing holistic solutions that encompass market intelligence, product sourcing, price negotiation, regulatory compliance, and logistics management.

Why Choose CLP Trading and Consulting

We boast a robust team of experienced professionals with in-depth market knowledge. Coupling with our extensive network and meticulous approach, we provide a tailored experience that meets the specific needs of our clientele. We seek not just to be a conduit of trade, but a partner in progress.

CLP Trading and Consulting is not just a company; it’s a seamless extension of your business ensuring a smooth trading journey. Let us be the bridge that connects you to global opportunities, ensuring that you can navigate the agricultural and commodities markets with confidence and peace of mind. Trust us to deliver on promise, performance, and prosperity.